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Harmonia Concepts is a full-service food and beverage management and investment firm.


We offer an array of development, management and advising services along with private equity investment in successful lower middle market firms primed for growth and/or generational succession. 

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We develop great brands and help struggling ones. We manage world-class operations. We help small companies take the next step in their growth and we shepherd complex deals to completion. 

* Rich hospitality and finance experience

* Deep network of seasoned professionals

* We align incentives so that everyone wins


At Maple & Ash "the traditional American steakhouse has had a much-needed facelift, thanks to hospitality entrepreneur Brian O’Connor"


"Service (at Michelin 2 star RIA) is the sort of exquisite, unflappable, serene experience that one scarcely notices any work is taking place at all. You can time the distance between need, and need met, in nanoseconds."

With the Elysian "they've created the finest hotel in North America"

everyone is saying...
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